skincare review: oatifix

skincare review: oatifix

You can’t have a beauty blog without mentioning Lush.

Lush products are amazing, or at least I haven’t found a dud yet. My entire night routine is composed of Lush products (reviews to come!). On some nights, I just need that extra something to pamper myself after a long day.

I have combination skin, so basically some patches on my face are dry, and some are oily. I also have somewhat sensitive skin. After a day of wearing a full face of makeup, my pores are irritated. For these reasons, Oatifix is the perfect match for me!

If you are unfamiliar with Lush products, visit their site here or search for a store near you. The prices are worth the ingredients used in each product, and, at least for me, the results reflect the price you pay. They’re also vegan and are fighting animal testing, so what’s not to love?

One element in most Lush stores is the fresh face mask station. These face masks are so fresh, you have to keep them in the fridge to prevent them from spoiling. As you can guess, Oatifix is one of them! Oatifix is made from bananas, oats, and vanilla (and other natural ingredients that you can pronounce), and is basically like putting cookie dough on your face. The ingredients help to calm irritation, and make your face baby soft.

I will admit, the first time I used this product, I was not a fan. I thought the product felt too oily to be a mask, and smelled really sweet. I ended up washing out the pot before it spoiled, and didn’t want to try it again. 

Not all fresh face masks are created equal.

Along with sensitive skin, I occasionally have bumps and dry patches appear between my cheekbones and jawline as a result of stress, new lotion, or some other irritant. My mother suggested using Oatifix to help calm my skin down, but all I could think of was the oily texture of cookie dough on my face. However, I wanted my face to revert back to its normal condition, so I gave it another shot.

Since this is a fresh product, it’s made in relatively small batches, allowing for slight differences between formulation. The Oatifix I had the first time was oilier than the one I used most recently. There was still the same fragrance, but this time I was expecting it. (I also ate an oatmeal cookie while the mask sat on my face to ease the cravings I had.)

I’m happy I tried the mask again because my irritation and dryness was reduced almost immediately after wiping off the mask. I’m not saying my stress rash magically went away in one go, but three days later it’s almost gone. Before, the rash would stick around for one to two weeks.

Here’s how I apply it…

  1. Take a small lump from the pot and rub it between your fingertips so it’s not as cold, and easier to apply to the face.
  2. Smear the product all over your face in a thick layer. For this mask, more is more!
  3. Allow the mask to sit on your skin for 5-10 minutes. I usually go for the full 10.
  4. Massage the product into your skin before wiping it off with a warm, wet washcloth.
  5. Follow up with a toner and moisturizer.

And the results are in!

If I were only reviewing this product based on my second (and third and fourth and so on) use, it would score a 4.5 beans out of 5. However, since I had a difficult first use, I have to be fair.

4 Beans out of 5

Thank you for stopping by! Any comments and suggestions are always appreciated. What’s your favorite Lush product?



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