hair care review: lush caca marron henna hair dye

hair care review: lush caca marron henna hair dye

Yes, I put caca in my hair. 

I used to have long, blonde hair, and at one point a reverse ombré into a deep red. When I cut off the red and opted for a pixie cut (best choice ever!!), I was back to plain blonde. I love my pixie cut, but I missed some sassy color. 

I had never dyed my roots before, and was wary of the unpronounceable, drying, and overall harsh chemicals I was putting on my hair. In my search for natural hair dyes, I stumbled upon a BuzzFeed video of their Ladylike team using henna hair dye from Lush. Video after video, review after review, I decided to try it. 

I wanted a warm red tone, so I chose Caca Marron. Since my natural hair color is blonde, it would pick up the red better. They also have Caca Rouje, but that is an insanely bright red if you have blonde hair. Too orange for my taste, but looks really cute regardless. The other two shades are Caca Brun (brunette) and Caca Noir (black). 

Be prepared.

Not only will you need plastic wrap, a shower cap, a bowl, boiling water, clothes and towels you don’t care about, gloves, and Vaseline or Lush’s Ultrabalm, you need to be prepared for the smell. 

It’s… Strong. 

Not only is it strong when you’re dying your hair, but whenever your hair is wet for about two weeks. It’s not bad. The dye is a mixture of henna, coffee, and cocoa butter, so if you’ve ever done henna tattoos you will be familiar the scent. 

The dye will also drip down your ears and neck (this is why Vaseline is necessary!), so have paper towels handy. 

This is a 4-5 hour process! If you are not willing to take the time, don’t bother. 

Here’s my how-to:

  1. Chop your henna blocks to suit how much hair you have. I used two blocks for a pixie cut. Don’t just cut off the squares, but make the squares smaller. This makes the next step easier. 
  2. Pour boiling water over the chopped henna dye in a glass bowl, and stir until a brownie-batter consistency forms. There is no exact amount of water. Do not fear! If you feel as though you’ve poured too much water, the mixture will dry out. 
  3. Apply Vaseline in a 1-inch border around your hairline. It doesn’t need to be terrible thick, but make sure your skin is covered. 
  4. With an old t-shirt on, a towel on the ground, and latex gloves, start working the henna into your hair. Comb through with your fingers to make sure your whole head is covered.
  5. Wrap your hair in plastic wrap, and cover with a shower cap. I like to apply heat for about 3 minutes with a blow dryer on a low setting. 
  6. Wait 3-4 hours to wash out your hair. You’ll want to take a shower. Trust me. It takes me two rounds of shampooing to get the coffee grounds out of my scalp. 
  7. Use the old towel to dry your hair, and blow dry.

It’s more than a dye, it’s a treatment.

My hair is always ridiculously soft afterwards because of the cocoa butter. So even if you have darker hair and want a nice sheen to it, use Lush’s Caca! Z

    I love the color payoff, and for me, it’s permanent. I’ve received so many compliments on my natural-looking color. I didn’t buy the dye for it to be easy, I bought the dye with the process in mind. That’s why this receives a…

    5 Beans out of 5

    Any questions of how to use the hair dye or what it’s made of are completely acceptable! Of course, your best source of information is finding a Lush store near you and talking to their staff. Have you ever used Caca dye? Let me know!


    2 thoughts on “hair care review: lush caca marron henna hair dye

    1. This is one of the Lush products I’ve been looking at every time I enter the store but didn’t dare buy because I wasn’t sure I’d know how to use it haha. After reading your review I’m still not sure if I’d be able to do it myself but I like the fact that there’s an alternative to all existing hair dye’s. And I love Lush, which helps. Great review and lovely blog.


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