getting my septum pierced!

getting my septum pierced!

I paid someone to stab me in the nose. 

Gooood afternoon/evening/morning, beauty beans! Today’s post strays from my typical categories, but I just couldn’t avoid writing a post about it. For those of you who don’t know, a septum piercing is located below the cartilage in that middle piece of flesh in your nose. I opted for a septum piercing over a typical nose piercing because I’ll be working somewhere this summer where I will need to hide my piercing, and this is practically invisible when the jewelry is flipped upwards.

The piercing

It went by so fast, it’s hard to recall the details about it! The piercer drew where the ring would go, making sure the ring would be parallel with my face (basically, there wouldn’t be a wonky angle).

Next, he clamped my septum. This didn’t hurt a bit! It was a little weird to have so much metal in my nose at once, but I was already letting a stranger shove his fingers up my nose, too. 

Then, the needle. 

Or at least that’s what they told me- I didn’t feel much! It honestly did not hurt, but his is different for everyone. I had heard the pain ranged from a pinch to being punched in the nose. He had me take a deep breath, then exhale while he pushed the needle through the clamp. I think that helped to distract me. 

The jewelry

This, however, was uncomfortable. I chose a barbell (or bull ring) with balls that screw on the end. I mean, I was just stabbed in the septum and now another piece of metal is being shoved through and angled juuust right. 


I soak my nose (yep, it’s as awkward as it sounds) in a warm, homemade saline solution every evening. The amount of times I’ve almost snorted saline surpasses the amount of fingers and toes I have…


Yep, it’s sore. Every slight nudge feels I’ve been hit by a dodgeball. My boyfriend accidentally hit my nose the other day and it HURT. It’s supposed to die down in a week or two.

Worth it. 

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer! What piercings do you guys have/want?


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