how i achieve my “no makeup” makeup look

how i achieve my “no makeup” makeup look

Because apparently you still need makeup to look natural. 

Happy Thursday! Today’s post is all about the products that go into my lazy girl makeup, “no makeup” makeup, or basic every day look. Sometimes you just need that extra flare of the lashes or evening of your skin tone, and that’s okay! You do not, however, need makeup to look beautiful. You do you, beauty bean. 

Step 1: skin

If I do not have massive problem areas, I skip foundation and simply conceal dark circles and blemishes, and set with translucent powder. Then, I add a bit of color to my face with a faint layer of blush. 

Step 2: brows

I rarely put product in my brows since they are naturally filled in. For this type of look, I pluck stray hairs, and then I’m good to go. 

Step 3: eyes

I put a nude, skin tone shadow all over my lid since I have veiny lids. Then I add a coat of a basic mascara, such as Clump Crusher by Covergirl, on my top and bottom lashes.

Step 4: lips

Lipstick is never a necessary step for this type of look, but occasionally I’ll put on Baby Lips by Maybelline that changes shades of pink based on your pH. It’s a natural looking pink that works for everyone! If not this, then I’ll wear L’óreal’s lip color in “Fairest Nude”. 

Step 5: set

Elf’s basic setting spray adds faint matte element along with keeping my concealer and blush in one place. 

There we have it! It’s incredibly basic, and gets the job done for a run to the grocery store, airport, or a school day when I’m in a hurry in the morning. 

What are some of your “no makeup” makeup tricks?


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