lookbook: drama class makeup unit 

lookbook: drama class makeup unit 

School doesn’t always suck. 

Welcome, welcome, welcome! Today is going to showcase a different kind of makeup… stage makeup! Recently in my drama class at school we took a break from memorizing and projecting our voices across a room, and picked up beauty blenders and cake makeup to create four different looks: corrective, injury, old age, and a character of our choice. 

Before I reveal the final products, I just wanted to remind you that I am working on my “Ask the Bean” post series. Basically, if you comment a question (can be about makeup, me, me and makeup…) on the original post or this post, a blog post will be dedicated to your question and a review of your blog. Hopefully that free promo is an incentive! 

Let’s get to the unit, shall we?

First we have the corrective stage makeup.

Take your average contour and highlight- and then multiply it by 10! The goal is to make your face have dimension when bright stage lights are shining on actors during a performance. Sadly, the quality of this picture isn’t the best but I promise I got a 100% on this assignment. 😉

Next up is my FAVORITE!

I went for a strangled look in this makeup challenge, and I believe I delivered. The key to the hand on my neck was to sketch out an outline with white eyeliner, and then mark the places where pressure would’ve caused a darker bruise (finger tips and trachea).

If you know me, you know that I am an old soul. That’s why this next look is so dear to me… It brought out my true self!

Look at Grandma Zoe! Ain’t she a cutie? I’m personally not a fan of the forehead wrinkles, and I’m aching to try this again. However, overall it’s a pretty accurate rendition because I look exactly like my great grandmother! 

Last, but not least, I wanted to transform into my queen, Hayley Williams. This was taken from Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood music video. Ladies and gents, the Crimson Curse.

So much blending. So much contour. I think this is a natural, everyday look, dontcha think?

Well, beauty beans, I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my drama class. If you go to the same high school as me, take drama! You get to do this

There were multitudes of products used, but a majority (foundation, contour, highlight, bruising) of them came from Ben Nye. There are no affiliate links or sponsorships involved in this post. 

announcement: new post series

announcement: new post series

Help a beauty bean do what she loves. 

Happy Thursday! As I was looking at my calendar and scheduling out posts I wanted to write, I stumbled across an idea. 

I’ve been looking for way to expand reader engagement on my blog, so I have a proposition for my readers, whether you’re a follower or came across this post from a tag. For the month of May (maybe June, too!), I will be doing an “Ask the Bean” series. This means you can ask questions on this post or any of my upcoming posts, and I will answer them in a full-length blog post. These questions can be anywhere from “What foundation do you use?” to “Can you show me what look I should do with purple eyeshadow?”

Each post will feature an answer to the question in the form of a paragraph response, list, tutorial, or whatever is necessary along with a review of the blog that asked the question. There’s an incentive!

So ask away, oh beauty bean! I’m really excited to do a series, but it’ll only work if I get questions. Don’t be shy, tell a friend! 

what i look for in makeup products

what i look for in makeup products

I mean, makeup is makeup and I’ll take what I can get. But if I have a choice…

Welcome to another Thursday post! You can think of this one as a pre-haul post, since I have a mental checklist for each category of product when I go makeup shopping. Enjoy!


If you’ve been following me, you’ll know that I hate cosmetic glitter in my primer (cough, NEUTROGENA) I prefer a silicone feel, and something that can go all over my face. Filling in pores are a must. I’m also not opposed to SPF considering my pasty whiteness. 


Sigh. I haven’t found the perfect one yet. I want one that dries down with a dewy finish and does not oxidize right away. It also needs to be blendable- no streaks or blotchiness! Added bonus if the foundation has SPF. Maybelline Fit Me! Dewy + Smooth checks all the boxes except it doesn’t dry down. *single tear*


Full coverage, blendable, and doesn’t crease. Simple as that. Urban Decay Naked Skin has my heart, but for now I’m using Maybelline Fit Me! as a dupe. 

Setting Powder

I want a powder that is translucent, finely milled, and does not clump up on contact with my foundation or concealer. Does setting powder have SPF? Sign me up for that. Laura Mercier and Kat Von D have great translucent powders!


MATTE. NO GLITTER. Not too orange-y, but not gray either. I also prefer powders over creams. 


I also try to have a matte blush so my pores are not emphasized. Nars “Orgasm” would be a perfect shade for me if it were matte. I prefer lighter, nude pinks (such as “Tea Rose” from Milani) as opposed to hot Barbie pink. I would like a blendable cream, but every so often a powder catches my attention. 


A subtle, golden glow will be chosen over a blinding obscure color. This is all up to the level of shine a highlighter gives, I have no preference over creams or powders. 


I look for Kat Von D. That is the only liquid liner for me. I love the brush tip, the pigmentation, and the product’s longevity. For a pencil, I think that any pencil liner gets the job done. I’ve never used gel, so I have no input on that type of eyeliner. (Should I try it? Comment below!)


Preferably, this won’t be waterproof. I also look for synthetic bristles on a curved wand  (with the exception of Essence Lash Princess, which is the polar opposite). If the formula flakes, it’s gotta go!


Nudes, buttery powders, blendable, easy to use with synthetic brushes. A review of NYX’s Wicked Eyes palette is coming soon!

Setting Spray

I want a fine mist with a matte factor. Doesn’t have to be high end, but honestly they work best in my experience. Elf’s is great (but MAC is better).

There we have it, my pre-haul mentality! I hope you enjoyed. Do we look for the same products? Don’t be afraid to start a conversation below. Until next time, beans!