ask the bean: morning and night routine

ask the bean: morning and night routine

Some people need caffeine, I need makeup. 

Welcome back, beauty beans! Today I have another Ask the Bean post to share with you. This is the last post you can ask questions on to receive a post didicated to the answer and reviewing your own blog! Any post between the intro to the series and this post is free game for asking questions until spring comes back around. Participate, participate, participate!

Today’s question comes from Karalee from Tales of Belle:

What is your morning and evening skincare routine?


1. Use mild soap (such as the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Cleanser from the Body Shop) while taking a hot shower. 

2. Immediately moisturize my face with Lush’s Imperialis moisturizier. Hot showers dehydrate!!

That’s all I do before I put on my makeup. I have sensitive combination skin so I don’t want to do anything to irritate my skin too much. 


1. Remove makeup using coconut oil and Lush’s 9-5 Cleansing Lotion with warm water. 

2. Apply Murad’s InstaMatte face mask for 3-5 minutes and remove with a warm washcloth. (Review is on the way!)

3. Tone skin with witch hazel and cotton pads. 

(Look how happy I am to be toning my face. Gotta love those blog photo shoot/selfie sessions.)

4. Moisturize with Imperialis. 

That’s my routine for the moment! Sometimes I’ll skip the mask and use the tea tree wash again, or use Lush’s Dark Angels scrub. If you have any questions about the products, ask down below!

Now for the review of Tales of Belle! 

This is my favorite blog that I follow. Karalee uses a variety of products in her posts, from makeup to skincare to foot masks! Whenever she does a review, her opinions are clearly stated, and she also gives a reason for why she thinks the way she does. It’s super easy to follow, and since she posts about so many products (and books!), you never get bored. My favorite post of hers is the review of Jeffree Star’s Beauty Killer palette. 

One thing I respect about this blogger is that she has always responded to my comments– whether it was a question or a compliment. I’m a huge advocate for finding a community here, and blogger communication is key!

So there we go! Please go check out Karalee’s blog, you will not be wasting your time. 

Thanks for reading!

ask the bean: my favorite brands

ask the bean: my favorite brands

Is this worse than picking a favorite kid?

If you’re new to the lil beauty bean, then welcome! Last month I proposed a new series where followers ask questions in the comments, and I’ll dedicate a post to their question. In addition to answering, I offered to give a review of their blog.

Today, I’m here to answer My Lil Slice of Life‘s question:

What makeup brands do you like best?

To start, my makeup collection is primarily drugstore, as I am a college bound high school senior with a very limited bank account. However, I do splurge every now and then on high-end products. I have for you my favorite drug store brand and favorite high end brand!


I use so many Maybelline products everyday, such as their Fit Me! concealers and foundations, but I also love their mascaras and Master Fix setting spray. Before I discovered Kat Von D’s Tattoo Eyeliner, my go-to eyeliner was from Maybelline, as well! I believe it was Master Precise… Alas, my memory fails me.


Almost by default, I have to choose this as my favorite brand since I have owned or tried the most products from them. Don’t get me wrong, these are great products. Everything I’ve tried I would purchase for my own (Shape Tape concealer!!) or repurchase. My favorite part of this brand is their use of Amazonian clay. I have the Tarteist in Bloom palette and have tried one of their bronzers with the clay. Man, it’s blendable but still manages to stay put. Also, it kind of smells like chocolate. 🙂


Moving on to the other half of an Ask the Bean post-  review of My Lil Slice of Life.

I am very picky when it comes to who I follow because I don’t want the time I spend on here to be wasted with empty, grammatically incorrect gibberish (not throwin’ shade I promise). I want quality blogs and content, but most importantly I want to read content from a genuine person. My Lil Slice of Life checks these boxes. Her posts are entertaining and useful, and her personality shines through each post.

If you have stumbled across this post through Reader, you’re probably here for the makeup tag. My Lil Slice of Life does have makeup posts, but also about movies and books. Her blog is truly a slice of her life. My favorite post of hers has been her post inspired by “Cool Kids” by Echosmith.

Go check her out!


Don’t forget to ask a question in the comments to have a post of your own.



“flawless” foundation hack?

“flawless” foundation hack?

Flawless? Sign me up. 

Happy Thursday (or Friday, wherever you are…)! As I fell into the YouTube hole last week (it started with one kitten video- I swear!), I came across this video. In it, the girls from Buzzfeed’s Ladylike team tried the “flawless foundation hack”. Obviously if Ladylike tries it, and it’s Lady Approved, it’s for real, right? Well, I set out to see if it would be approved by this beauty bean.

The steps are fairly simple. Prime where you normally do, use a translucent setting powder all over, and complete the rest of your look. I used my L’Oréal Magic Perfecting Base (review) and Maybelline Baby Skin for primers. For my translucent powder I used Kat Von D’s Lock-It setting powder (the bomb, review coming soon). I tried this hack with two drugstore foundations, Maybelline Fit Me! Dewy + Smooth and Wet ‘n Wild Photofocus. Both worked perfectly fine.

I was skeptical until my makeup looked the same at the end of the day. I also noticed that I used less product when I was applying my foundation! There was no visible difference that I could see, but the longevity and application improved!

But… Is it worth it?


  • Use less foundation
  • Wear foundation longer


  • Use more setting powder
  • Feels heavy

I do this for dances, dance performances, or whenever I know I have a long day ahead of me. However, I do not think this will be an everyday foundation hack in my routine.

It is tentatively approved by the lil beauty bean because it works, but not entirely worth it to revolutionize how I do my makeup.

Until next time!

Don’t forget to ask questions below to be featured in my upcoming Ask the Bean series!