bean update!

bean update!

Hey guys! Today’s post will be different than a usual makeup post or review you see on here. I’d love to do these a few times a year to show the me side of this blog. Life is happening!!!

I graduated from high school on June 2nd, and this is the first event of many to happen this summer! Surprisingly I didn’t cry too much, but it was a very nice ceremony with speeches from close friends. There was never a moment when I thought to myself “Hm, I don’t think I’m gonna pass high school!”, but it was still a relief to finally graduate. Every day after that is a choice… Here’s my and my mom beforehand. 

On the 6th I headed off on a Europe trip with some fellow seniors. 4 days London, 3 days Paris! (I have written this post prior to leaving, but there will be a post about it!) 

Then from there I will be a camp kitchen assistant for Hume Lake Christian Camps in the high school kitchen for the whooole summer. This is in an area without cell service and very limited wifi. I’m half excited, half scared, but I can’t wait to connect with campers and make some food in such a gorgeous place.

A week after I get back from Hume I’ll move to Anchorage, Alaska to be a Seawolf at University of Alaska Anchorage! I’ll be studying psychology in hopes of becoming a clinical psychologist one day. It is quite the move from California, and quite the weather change… but I. Can’t. Wait. 

With that being said, my posts will be few and far between this summer until the fall, but I hope you stick around because I’ll be spilling over with ideas when I get back from Hume Lake! (And I’ll probably need the familiarity as I go off to college) (please comment dorm life advice if you have it)

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