ask the bean: morning and night routine

ask the bean: morning and night routine

Some people need caffeine, I need makeup. 

Welcome back, beauty beans! Today I have another Ask the Bean post to share with you. This is the last post you can ask questions on to receive a post didicated to the answer and reviewing your own blog! Any post between the intro to the series and this post is free game for asking questions until spring comes back around. Participate, participate, participate!

Today’s question comes from Karalee from Tales of Belle:

What is your morning and evening skincare routine?


1. Use mild soap (such as the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Cleanser from the Body Shop) while taking a hot shower. 

2. Immediately moisturize my face with Lush’s Imperialis moisturizier. Hot showers dehydrate!!

That’s all I do before I put on my makeup. I have sensitive combination skin so I don’t want to do anything to irritate my skin too much. 


1. Remove makeup using coconut oil and Lush’s 9-5 Cleansing Lotion with warm water. 

2. Apply Murad’s InstaMatte face mask for 3-5 minutes and remove with a warm washcloth. (Review is on the way!)

3. Tone skin with witch hazel and cotton pads. 

(Look how happy I am to be toning my face. Gotta love those blog photo shoot/selfie sessions.)

4. Moisturize with Imperialis. 

That’s my routine for the moment! Sometimes I’ll skip the mask and use the tea tree wash again, or use Lush’s Dark Angels scrub. If you have any questions about the products, ask down below!

Now for the review of Tales of Belle! 

This is my favorite blog that I follow. Karalee uses a variety of products in her posts, from makeup to skincare to foot masks! Whenever she does a review, her opinions are clearly stated, and she also gives a reason for why she thinks the way she does. It’s super easy to follow, and since she posts about so many products (and books!), you never get bored. My favorite post of hers is the review of Jeffree Star’s Beauty Killer palette. 

One thing I respect about this blogger is that she has always responded to my comments– whether it was a question or a compliment. I’m a huge advocate for finding a community here, and blogger communication is key!

So there we go! Please go check out Karalee’s blog, you will not be wasting your time. 

Thanks for reading!